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3 Reasons Realtors Choose Inspect 2B Safe Home Inspection 

Every real estate agent in Phoenix, AZ looks to partner with a trustworthy, experienced home inspector. You can trust Inspect 2B Safe for real estate home inspections in phoenix and the surrounding areas. Some advantages to working with Enrique are:​

  • Approachability: Inspect 2B Safe knows that buying a home is no small endeavor. We state the facts of the home, but don't intimidate the buyer with any potential problems.

  • Bilingual: Phoenix, AZ is a melting pot , and our home inspectors know this! Enrique is fluent in Spanish, and is happy to work with realtors whose clients speak Spanish.

  • Convenience: Our home inspectors work with MFS lockboxes for realtor and client convenience.

Call Inspect 2B Safe and work with an ASHI Certified Home Inspector today!
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